Who Am I?

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My name is Mandy Roscher. I am a passionate Physiotherapist, Wife, Mom to 2 beautiful children, watercolour enthusiast and business owner
After treating many children for constipation, bedwetting and daytime accidents, I realised that a lot of problems started around potty training. I also went through a difficult potty training journey with my little girl and it made me realise that parents need help! 
I started Potty Training Physio as a way of educating parents on bladders and bowels. Potty Training should not be difficult and if you are struggling there is help available! Make sure you are teaching your child healthy bladder and bowel habits 
I developed a step by step POTTI training programme to take parents right from the beginning of deciding when your child is ready and the preparation for potty training all the way to night training and troubleshooting common problems. 
Potty Training is about teaching your ch