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All about the Wees, Poos and Constipation

Learn about the how the bladder and bowels work and why constipation is the ultimate pitfall of potty training

Should you be using a Potty or Toilet?

Learn about the best positions for toileting and if you should be using a potty or toilet. 

Is my Child Ready to Potty Train?

Probably the most asked question when it comes to Potty Training. Let us teach you about all the readiness signs. 

How to Prepare for Potty Training

Preparation for Potty Training starts at birth! Learn about how to give your child the gift of a health bladder and bowel and what you can do to prepare them for Potty Training 

How to Start Potty Training?

My child is ready, so what now?

Learn about how to start Potty Training to make sure you dont run into problems later down the line

When to Get Rid of Nappies Completely?

 Learn about why children need to be pooing (not weeing) consistently in the toilet before  you transition to underwear

Potty Training by Personality

Every child is unique but different personalities tend to Potty Train in different ways. Learn about how personality can influence potty training

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